West Bengal is that State of India where the Government is constantly monitoting every development on the trade and industrial front and is cooperating in everything that promotes trade and commerce. Infrastructural facilities are being constantly developed and updated. More growth centres are being developed where every facility for industrial development is being extended by authorities.

The State enjoys a very comfortable position so far as power generation is concerned.

The State has direct access to sea and has national and international air links. Calcutta Netaji Subhas International Airport is one of the country’s most sophisticated airports known for its dependability. The railway and roadways connection is highly developed and has direct surface connection with every corner of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan as also with a host of other far flung countries.

Calcutta Port : The Calcutta port with its outport at Haldia is perhaps, the country’s cheapest, fastest and most efficient port today with most modern dock system and cargo and container handling facilities. This port, once the harbinger of industrialisation of this country, is today ready to take her to the next century and to the new developing markets all around.

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